Our services are customer-focused and results-driven.  We help prioritize your issues and invest our energy in opportunities to ensure return on investment and sustainable impact.  In addition, we transfer knowledge and skills through well-developed training programs to achieve sustainable gains long after we have achieved the consulting objectives.

An overview of our service categories is listed below:

Program Management

As partners, we help you create the essential components to drive your success.  We assist in the identification, development, and implementation of new programs to keep your business protected and employees safe, engaged and injury-free. Program management is vital to understand program objectives, stay on track and validate results.

Risk Assessment

A review of operations and activities is critical to determine which jobs are candidates for improvement.  We spend thousands of hours annually listening to your team and watching operations to develop the proper strategic and tactical next steps.  Risk assessment is a critically important first step to identify exposures that may have an adverse effect on worker safety, process efficiency and product quality

Engineering Review/Design

Using data obtained during Risk Assessment, we develop practical solutions by combining our industry experience with detailed analysis and assurance with regulatory compliance.  Improvement recommendations are supported by critical dimensions, illustrations, and vendor information to ensure a smooth path to implementation. Combined with our implementation service partners, we can work with your facilities team to bid, contract, prototype, and install equipment.

Kaizen Events

When you need immediate impact and payback, our Kaizen Event can be the first, best step towards improvement.  A Kaizen Event is a highly focused, results-oriented workshop in which a team takes immediate action to improve work processes through simple, impactful and sustainable improvements.  At the end of several days, your business will have begun a transformation to control common workplace safety exposures and to deliver immediate business value.


We have a reputation for great training programs that are customized to your needs.  Our high-impact training programs provide information, knowledge, tools and hands-on practice to create and internalize your risk management effort.

Software Solutions

 Applications provide the ability to leverage your impact.  RMG offers several applications to manage your ergonomics program, share best practices, and track kaizen event outcomes.